Thanks for downloading, enjoy your free web host!

Your website is now live!

Webhost has succesfully generated a default HTML page for you. Feel free to change the index.html to your own website, or edit the existing one.

You can take a look at the guide page for help on setting up a website and configuring this plugin.

If you have questions, or feature request. Feel free to contact me!


1. Install plugin (If you see this, you probably succeeded)

2. Configure port, the default port should be 80 if this is not the case, your host might have blocked this port.

3. Enjoy using the plugin!

This plugin also supports custom welcome files, this defaults to 'index.html' but can be changed to your liking.

You can also change the root folder of your website, this is to speed up the install process

Everything stated above can be changed in the 'config.yml' file in your 'Webhost' folder generated by the plugin